Our Scooters


Discover our 7 scooters

Currently in Zamelux we have 7 scooters with different characteristics to adapt to the needs of our customers.

Scooter S3-ZCat

The S3 is the lightest and smallest one, it’s perfect for short trips in the city. You can even use it as a conventional scooter thanks to its size.

Scooter E8-ZSnake

The E8 Model have bigger wheels and scooter larger size, it’s perfect if you move with the public transport, you can combine them and perform short trips too.

Scooter E7-ZKangoo

It Stands out in speed, the E7 model is the fastest and the one that can give you the greatest autonomy given the weight and size it has. You can travel long distances without rechargin the battery.

Scooter E9D – ZLion X

The model E9D ZLion X has an elegant design, thanks to the power of it’s engine, you can make long journeys.

Scooter E9-ZLion

Enjoy driving your scooter with the E9 ZLion, move without worries with maximum comfort thanks to it’s rear cushioning.

Scooter T4 – ZRino

For the more adventurous who want to take the Scooter to uneven terrain. More power and robustness for this type of surfaces.

Scooter E9-ZLion Basic

New electric scooter ZLion Basic E9. Forget about the long races to the subway/bus, forget about the heat and the long waits. It reaches 25km/h, folds and has great autonomy. Comfort, speed and efficiency.



We have after-sales and repair service, this is very important since the relationship with the customer does not end after the purchase of the product, Zamelux will continue giving you the appropriate customer service after your purchase.


Own Warehouse

We have our own warehouse where we have in stock all the models available at the moment. For inmediate shipping.